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Focus on Rest

The "Focus on Rest" guided meditation  offers you an introduction to three natural, restful mind body experiences.  The technique can be helpful for sleep, physical pain or for enjoying the pleasure of relaxation.  It also helps develop "equanimity."  This is a state in which we cease fighting with ourselves, i.e., our thoughts, feelings and body sensations.  Most people experience profound relaxation and peace after practicing the Focus on Rest method, even for a few minutes.

Focus Out

The" Focus Out" guided meditation offers you a method that helps to ground you in external reality.  The technique can be helpful for managing strong emotional reactions in daily life.  Many find this method useful for managing anxiety, panic, road rage, compulsive tendencies and other difficult emotions.

Have you ever suspected that you might be a sugar addict?

Are you out of control with sugar cravings? Do you ever consume sugar and starchy foods in ways that are harmful to you or even abusive? Do you want to stop but feel that you cannot — as though some mysterious force is compelling you to continue? You may even crave a genuine "sweetness" in your life, yet somehow have become trapped in something that is not at all satisfying.

In this book, you will learn the truth about your sugar addiction. You will learn the facts about what you currently experience as your mind-body "prison."  You will find solutions with a unique mindfulness approach which offers powerful techniques that can help you enjoy an authentic freedom of choice, moment by moment. You will learn to care for your body in a way that is completely natural and biologically friendly with a healthful nutritional program.

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