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A Telephone Conference Call Group

With Shelly Young, MA, LPCC, LADAC




An Introduction to The Basic Mindfulness System and Its Application to Anxiety and Panic

In a compassionate, confidential and safe environment of a telephone conference call, we will explore simple mind/body methods for transforming anxiety through practice of the Basic Mindfulness System and its specific application to anxiety and/or panic.


There is no doubt in my mind that Shelly is on a path toward making socially significant contributions to the welfare of others. 

 — Ernest L. Rossi, PhD

Diplomate in Clinical Psychology, Los Osos, CA 


Complimentary 15 minute telephone consultation​

Video Testimonials:

Shelly Young, MA, LPCC, LADAC is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has been a mindfulness meditation instructor for over 25 years and has led workshops and trainings throughout the U.S. and Canada since 1985. Shelly offers continuing education seminars to mental health professionals, classes for the general public, and has presented in over 100 U.S. cities for both Cross Country Education and PESI Healthcare.

Shelly has been a co-teacher with Shinzen Young and taught his innovative Basic Mindfulness System at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, University of Colorado at Boulder, University of New Mexico, Longmont United Hospital, Denver Health Addiction Counselor Training Program and numerous other educational facilities. She has presented Grand Rounds lectures at hospitals including Bethesda Naval Medical Center.
The Basic Mindfulness System is the foundation of Shelly’s psychotherapy and meditation instruction with adults, adolescents and children.  Shelly also integrates EMDR therapy into her practice.





*Most Insurances Accepted for Individual Therapy


Welcome to Present Solutions. I offer innovative mindfulness meditation strategies suitable for  those interested in significant transformation of mind-body suffering issues.  Although I am a psychotherapist, you do not have to experience mental illness in order to greatly benefit from my work.

The foundation of my approach is the unique Basic Mindfulness System developed by Shinzen Young, an internationally respected mindfulness teacher. The system stands apart from all other mindfulness methods taught, making use of the “Divide and Conquer” approach as well as the “Focus on Rest” method. I offer an alternative therapeutic approach to decreasing suffering and elevating fulfillment with an emphasis on transforming the present rather than analyzing the past which is often the focus of many traditional therapeutic models.  Clients find that past negative experiences  come forth, influencing the quality of the present moment.  But it is there, in the NOW, where  the suffering can be radically and permanently transformed with the Basic Mindfulness strategies.  I have found that for many clients, the addition of EMDR therapy to the mindfulness work leads to an even greater transformative outcome.

Many clients and students begin to benefit significantly even in one session. This includes clients suffering from trauma, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, phobias, physical pain, impulse control issues, situational depression, stress, grief and other life challenges. Most clients find that only short-term therapy or mindfulness instruction is necessary once they learn to apply the methods in all life situations. In time, the skills take over, and one naturally becomes a person who lives life with greater peace and serenity and the ability to transform negative patterns that prevent maximum life fulfillment.

I serve clients both in person and via telephone or Skype. For the professional community I offer continuing education workshops for mental health professionals. My programs include trainings for medical practices and businesses seeking to transform stressful environments or learn the methods for personal benefit.

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